Duos are Returning to Apex Legends for Valentine's Day


Rounak "FL45H666" Roy


Feb, 12.2020

Duos are Returning to Apex Legends for Valentine's Day

Spread some love...and shed some blood. Oh well!
Valentine's week is the most romantic week of the year. And all the romance is not the kind of thing that will immediately make you shoot someone's face (I mean it really depends on what you are shooting but still), but hey I guess you can team up with your special someone to do it? Oh hell yeah that's a date! So be happy, because now you can do that in Apex Legends. The game will see the return of Duos mode tomorrow.
Duos mode which is the same as a Trio mode was introduced to the game as a limited-time game mode for 2 weeks in November 2019. The Valentine's duo will run for an even shorter stretch, a week. But on a good note, there will be a lot of loot to pick up which obviously will be nicely themed. My guess? Valentine's theme duh!
Everyone who logs in during the event will get a Valentine Badge. And there will also be new Nessie and Pathfinder gun charms up for purchase and a "Double Up" booster that will double XP rewards to a max of 20,000 XP per day.
The Through The Heart skin for the longbow DMR and The Love of the Game banner from last year's Valentine's event are also discounted in the Apex Store.
The Apex Legends Valentine's Day Rendezvous runs February 11-18.