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Players Testimonials
  • I am grateful for Lgn for providing opportunities for gamers to play internationally and represent India and wish them good luck in the future.

    Saransh Jain

  • Let's game now is a fantastic website which offers Indians a chance to compete not only at national but at international level as well. Through them I got the chance of playing my first ever international tournament at Malaysia alongside my fellow friend Saksham. The competition there was really tough but we give it our all and won the whole tournament. It was a really proud moment for both of us. If it wasn't for let's game now we both wouldn't have got the chance to play overseas, so I would like to thank them again and hope that they continue to provide such opportunities to us.

    Charanjot Singh

  • I qualified for my first international tournament which Charan and i eventually won in Malaysia after qualifying in the Indian national qualifiers which was organised amazingly by letsgamenow. I want to thank letsgamenow for fully supporting Charan and me in Malaysia and also massive thanks to them for giving players like us opportunity to compete and represent our country in international tournaments

    Saksham Rattan

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Lets Game Now is a simple to use esports portal for all types of gamers. With a variety of online tournaments, gamer will get the chance to qualify for international tournaments, get noticed and build a career as a professional, or just play for fun against friend and compete regularly for cash prizes.