A Year of Rain Early Access Plans Abandoned


Samriddha Saha


Feb, 11.2020

A Year of Rain Early Access Plans Abandoned

The Early Access RTS Game Has Been Put on Hold  
Real-time Strategy games are having a moment but one of them just got put on hold and this looks like a serious problem for RTS fans. Daedalic Entertainment's upcoming game A Year of Rain, in Early Access has been put on hold.
On Tuesday, a developer's post explained that they are being forced to shut down the servers for its multiplayer format as the player numbers are not reaching their expected mark; as a result they have a shortage of funding and have to close the servers.
"The low player base that you have witnessed yourselves hurts us substantially," reads the post. "We reached no more than 5000 players worldwide until today. We are deeply sorry for everyone who felt, or will feel, let down by us and the path we had to choose, considering we are an independent studio with limited resources."
The post added, "We have decided to put the active development of A Year Of Rain on hold and minimize recurring costs by replacing the official game servers with a new P2P System. You will still be able to play multiplayer matches by opening up a lobby that others can join but there will not be any automatic matchmaking anymore."
Yesterday's last big update swapped Multiplayer with P2P. Leaderboards and stats are now gone too. However, diehard players can still create a lobby, join with friends and other players and start a game of their own. But the game will not have any automatic multiplayer matchmaking system or server for that purpose.
A new mode has been introduced along with new maps, however, the team warns that it might be rough around the edges and this one will never match the quality of the original mode or game.