Overwatch Pro Player Sinatraa Doesn't Seem To Know a Lot About The Skin He's Getting


Rounak "FL45H666" Roy


Feb, 08.2020

Overwatch Pro Player Sinatraa Doesn't Seem To Know a Lot About The Skin He's Getting

Apparently Blizzard doesn't trust him enough to tell him the details!
Sinatraa exclusive skin is coming to Overwatch and the skin apparently is for Zarya. However that's not surprising at all. You already knew it. Didn't you? You sneaky fans are always catching those leaks and rumours.
Sinatraa is actually the second MVP to receive an Overwatch skin. 2018 MVP Bang "JJoNak" Sung-Hyeon received a Zenyatta skin called Zen-Nakji. However, Sinatraa has no clue about the skin till now.
Back in September last year, Sinatraa made a small unwitting blunder by revealing details about Zarya. However, Blizzard deals with that kind of stuff in their own way. Blizzard is not telling Jay "Sinatraa" Won about his own exclusive skin anymore. 
On February 3, The Overwatch league MVP revealed on a stream that he has no idea when his skin is coming out. Thanks to him for leaking details in September 2019 when it was first announced.
“When’s my skin coming out? I don’t know. Dude, they literally told me nothing now because I leaked that one thing about it being Zarya back then. So they’ll actually tell me nothing. It’s actually a tragedy, I shouldn’t have said it was Zarya. F**k my life," Siantraa told his viewers on his stream.
The Overwatch league MVP had revealed that his skin will be for Zarya while talking on his teammate Matthew “Super” DeLisi’s stream last fall. He hesitated, in the beginning, wondering if he could talk about the skin at all. However, in the end, he had decided he can at least give out the name of the hero it is for.
"Okay, I think I can say that. The skin will be for Zarya, but I can’t say the other parts of it," he said. 
But apparently he was not allowed to leak the hero's name. While Sinatraa didn't reveal the "other parts of it", it seems that Blizzard decided him spilling the beans about the hero name was enough to barr him from any further details. That includes when the skin will be released and other details.
I guess Sinatraa will have to wait, just like his fans are waiting.