Is Broomstick League the New Quidditch? Here's Everything You Need to Know


Samriddha Saha


Feb, 11.2020

Is Broomstick League the New Quidditch? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Are you a Harry Potter fan? And a Rocket League fan? Well, we guess you can celebrate?
This may be stating the obvious but we're going to talk about Boomstick League today! A new game which is... erm a mix of Rocket League and Quidditch from Harry Potter if you pay attention. What if we told you that you can now play Quidditch without worrying about being stuck on a pillar of Hogwarts or breaking a few of your bones? Yeah, sounds nice right? Exactly our point. Now you can impress Hermoine all by yourself while you sit on your desk. Sigh! Only if Harry knew the future would be this cool.
So Rocket League is a game where you play football by using futuristic cars. Now in Broomstick League, you will go back to the old days. Where all of you will be riding a broomstick like a Wizard or a Witch and play the same game. Instead of a giant football, here you will have a giant orb to play with. Magical isn't it?
Rocket League is of course, a major video game inspiration for this game, but we think Quidditch has more to do with the game. Apparently, the game allows using spells. Are you still going to tell me that Rowling's Harry Potter is not the main inspiration behind this?
So players can use a spell to warp around the arena. That's very 'seeker'-esque, if you ask us. Also, you can use spells to hit the ball out of your opponent's range.
There are three game modes, 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. The game also has the usual array of leaderboards, stats, and upgrade options. Honestly, the game wears the inspiration on its oversized sleeves but the game is fun.
Broomstick League will hit the Early Access on March 5, where the game will stay for 9 to 12 months while the development team finetunes and balances the game. They will add more new stuff during the Early Acess period. If you can't wait until March, you can apply here and get added to their beta testing team.