Can Counter-Strike League FLASHPOINT Turn Into Esports' WWE? Everything You Need to Know


Samriddha Saha


Feb, 10.2020

Can Counter-Strike League FLASHPOINT Turn Into Esports' WWE? Everything You Need to Know
5 esports team owners have announced a co-funded Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) league: FLASHPOINT!
What's FLASHPOINT? Erm...It's WWE meets Esports kind of! FLASHPOINT, a CS: GO league owned and run by team organizations were revealed a few days back. They also disclosed that FACEIT will be their league operator. The competition which was previously called B Site will begin in March. It will run two offline seasons per year. The tournament will feature a total of $2M prize pool in 2020 and 12 teams. It will also feature 10 partners and two open qualifiers.
According to the announcement, FLASHPOINT will offer “the largest revenue guarantee in CS: GO.”
Five predominantly North-American companies are the initial funders of the B Site inc., the company behind FLASHPOINT. FACEIT currently has a 0.5% stake in the company. It will increase to 5.5% if FACEIT remains the league operator for the next three years. However, a managing director or CEO for the company yet to be decided.
The ownership group includes Immortals Gaming Club which will compete under the MiBR brand, Overactive Media which will compete as Mad Lions, New Meta Entertainment will compete as Dignitas. Other competing shareholders are Cloud9. Gen.G Esports, and c0ntact Gaming.
“Today, many esports leagues are fundamentally broken, pitting the leagues against teams and players to bicker over divergent interests and scraps of economics,” said Kent Wakeford, Co-Founder, and Vice-Chairman of Gen.G Esports, in a statement. “FLASHPOINT radically changes the model by bringing all groups together to share the rewards of their collective success.”
Intended as an Esports League for adults, FLASHPOINT built itself like an antidote to the financial instability and hectic player schedules in CS: GO. Even though FLASHPOINT directly competes with other tournaments in the market, it will allow its competitors to take part in other tournaments.
“We consulted with teams and players who recognized that the current relationship and calendar with tournament organizers aren’t sustainable,” said Michele Attisani, CBO & Co-founder of FACEIT, in a statement. 
“We set out to create FLASHPOINT to solve these issues. The project is fully aligned with FACEIT core values of supporting and developing the CS: GO community, the league remains open allowing grassroots participation and talent to thrive, as seen in the open qualifier where up and coming team receive direct financial support from the founding teams to be able to compete.”