Crysis Remastered Update 1.3.0 makes the game more optimized for high-end PC


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Nov, 27.2020

Crysis Remastered is one game that came out a few months back. It is a remastered edition of the original Crysis that came out almost 13 years back. Just as you would expect from a remaster, this is all about updated and improved graphics, and a bit more. For those of you who played the game, or stayed updated with the game, you must know that the game was extremely demanding and kind of unoptimized. Even top-end specs of those days had a hard time running it at the highest visual settings. So, when the remastered version of this came out, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding it. However, optimization was kind of an issue with this remastered version of the game. This is why now we have the latest Update 1.3.0 for Crysis Remastered. This update is mostly about the game’s optimization, especially with modern high-end specifications. Check out the patch notes for 1.3.0:


General performance improvements for high spec systems.

Improvements made to the performance of AMD based systems where ray tracing is set to Very high.

Improvements made to the Optimal settings option in graphics settings.

The selections should now be more in line with your pc's capabilities.

Fixed some lighting that was missing in-game when the shadow quality setting was set to "Very high" or "Can it run Crysis".

Improvements made to raytracing when set to "very high".

Improvements made to look of the water in different instances for RTX GPUs (glare looks more natural, removed glowing artifacts/grain effect).

Fixed an issue that resulted in a decrease of ~10fps when using Borderless over windowed or fullscreen.

Fixed an issue that caused the framerate to drop when crawling through the body of a dead enemy.

Fixed a memory leak that could occur at the beginning of Recovery - Village.

Fixed an issue where launching the game with HDR enabled could cause artifacts to appear during cutscenes.

So, yes there is quite a respectable amount of changes in terms of the game’s optimization. However, that is not all. Just like other major patches, you also get a ton of bug fixes with these. Since, there are quite a lot of them, we recommend you to check out the official patch notes that we got through Reddit. Click here to check it out.