Epic Games Store's Black Friday Sale is just around the corner


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Nov, 25.2020

Black Friday is always associated with crazy discounts, sales and deals across various products. This year, it is going to be true for games too, thanks to Epic Games Store. The Black Friday Sale for Epic Games Store is just around the corner now. It is supposed to start at November 26, 2020, and will for an entire week, all the way till December 3, 2020. Epic Games even tweeted out regarding this, making it completely official. Check out the official announcement from them below:

Video Games. On Sale. Very Soon.

👀 https://t.co/7MuW8ivguK pic.twitter.com/MJvh6wUk1S

— Epic Games Store (@EpicGames) November 24, 2020

Epic Games Store is without a doubt one of the most popular platforms when it comes PC games currently. There are tons of games in there, and contains one of the largest game libraries out there. All we have got is a poster for the sale, and nothing else. So, we can’t talk about what to expect. However, we believe it will be quite big. Why do we think so? It is Epic Games Store after all. As said before, Epic Games Store has a vast library of games, and we expect to see massive discounts on most of the games, if not almost all of the games. And, as for why we think there would be massive discounts. Well, it is because the official announcement from Epic mentions that we can expect “stellar savings”. Click here to check out the official announcement.

Well, since there is not much to do now. All we advise you to do is wishlist your favorite games and wait patiently for the sale. It is just around the corner now. Also talking of Epic Games Store, Elite Dangerous, and The World Next Door is currently free. However, you have till November 26, 2020, to claim these. So, do that fast, and as for the game that is coming in the free game rotation next week, it is MudRunner.