Some Upgrades On Offer For The Switch Version Of Super Mario Sunshine 


Soumi Sarkar


Nov, 21.2020

Gaming fans are perhaps aware that Super Mario 3D All-Stars had recently got an update and that needs
some attention. It has a much-requested feature in the update and that is the discussion point. You are
surely aware that Super Mario Sunshine features in the collection and it supports the use of GameCube
controllers. As a player are you a tag nostalgic for the analogue shoulder buttons of Nintendo's older
system? This is your scope to go down memory lane and one gets to play Sunshine via the older
You would love to play it but before that, one will need a GameCube controller adapter. Fans will
recollect that it was released alongside Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Once you have this adapter, it
should allow you to play the game with classic controls. A player can now use the right shoulder button
in the quest to successfully control the stream of FLUDD. If you press light, it will shoot a light stream of
water. As a player, if you are searching for more control over direction, there is a need to opt for a full
These are exciting additions and it was not possible with Joy-Cons or Pro Controller. This is the reason
why fans have welcomed this addition. However, there is a drawback and it should only work with
Switch in TV mode. Sadly, there is no scope to use it in the Switch Lite mode. 
There have been some more changes introduced for the excitement of gaming fans. There are three
games in the collection and all of them let you invert the camera. There has been a focus to improve
overall game play across three titles. These developments make life easy for fans and you are sure to
enjoy the experience.