A Lot Of New Video Game Releases On Offer Via PS5, Series X/S, Switch, And PC in The Next Few Days


Soumi Sarkar


Nov, 19.2020

It has long been common for New Releases to highlight five big games in every episode. However, this
time it is different, and indeed, it would have been a disservice, had it done so. This time there is big
news in the form of imminent launches of PS5 and Xbox Series X/5. These are some generation next
consoles and gaming fans will love to hear that they kick off with heavy hitters. One should run into
Godfall and Demon’s Soul. The Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is another heavy hitter on offer and
you are sure to love it. 
This episode also allows you to take a look at some Nintendo releases. One can try out Hyrule Warriors:
Age of Calamity. Here are some of the best video game releases on the major platforms this month.
Dirt 5
This should see a November 10th release for Series X/S and in PS5; it will be streaming live on November
12th. This is a rally racing game across a variety of tracks around the world. The challenge is in the form
of dynamic weather conditions. One has the option to even take a rival driver in a career mode. 
This game should be streaming live on PS4, PSS, and PC from November 12th. One comes across a
mysterious island where there are multiple edible creatures by the title of Bugsnax. As you play the
game, it is about catching them, and for that, there is a need to solve puzzles. 
Demon’s Souls
This is a game, which has been remade for PS5 and fans will recollect that it started the Soulsborne
trend. Gaming fans are sure to love it and the slick new weapon animations and optional visual filters
are a treat. 
These are some of the exciting video game releases to expect in the next few days and the gaming fans
are bound to feel excited.