Walmart Has Announced A Date For The PS5, Xbox Series X Launch Day Order


Soumi Sarkar


Nov, 19.2020

A press release from Sony had indicated that the PS5 launch day sales will only be on the online
platform. It is recently Walmart has come out with the complete details regarding the launch day
availability of PS5 online. It should see a launch on November 12th. Gaming fans must also know that
Xbox Series X/S will see a launch on November 10th. 
The PS5 purchasers are in for exciting times in the next few days. One should note that there are four
different chances to snag the next-gen console. You should get this scope precisely the next Thursday. It
is the standard PS5 and also the digital edition, which will be made available for buyers on the Walmart
website. The press release also indicated specific timings of the sale offer and they are 12 pm, 3 pm, 6
pm, and 9 Pm ET standard time. The stock should however be limited and you will need to hurry.
Walmart could just be holding up units to cater to each wave. 
The Xbox Series X and S should however see an earlier launch and this happens to be next Tuesday. It is
again on the Walmart website that you can make a purchase. However, you get only one chance to
make the purchase. The press release indicated that the online Xbox listing on the Walmart website will
restock exactly at noon ET on November 10th. One must be ready right in front of the computer at that
moment. You would surely love to make the purchase and before the day, one has to make sure that
Walmart’s account along with payment information is up to date. 
In case you happen to miss out on launch day there are more chances to restock both these consoles.
You get the next chance on the Black Friday sale but there has been no date assigned yet. You must
however grab this recent scope and enjoy the gaming experience.