Apex Legends can be pre-loaded for Steam now


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Nov, 10.2020

Since the last few years, there has been a huge buzz around Battle royale games. With the success of games like PUBG, and Fortnite, every developer wanted to get a piece of the big cake. They came with their own battle royale games, some of which failed and some of which survived. One of the most prominent battle royale games that came out in 2019, was Electronic Arts’ Apex Legends. It was a lot different from most of the battle royale games out there. It was fast-paced, and involved characters each of which had unique abilities. Anyway, a few months ago during the EA Play live event, we got to know the news of the arrival of Apex Legends on Steam. Back then we did not receive any specific date for this, but we did know that it would be in the Fall of 2020. And, it was not just the Steam release. But, a lot of more stuff was supposed to happen with Apex Legends according to the event. We were promised a new Nintendo Switch port, Crossplay across all platforms. Now, it seems that all of it is happening alongside the new Season of Apex Legends.

Season 7 for Apex Legends is coming on November 4, 2020. And, along with it, we are getting the Steam version of the much-loved battle royale from Electronic Arts. And, that is not all. Now, there would be cross-progression, and crossplay supports too. So, regardless of the platform, you are on, all your progress would be carried over, and you would be able to play with all of your friends regardless of the platform they are on. Also, the pre-load is live already. So, if you desire, you can pre-load it now, and play as soon as it becomes available at 8 pm PT / 4 am GMT. Also, talking of Steam, if you log in to the game using Steam in Season 7, you would be getting some free rewards. You would be awarded some cute Half-Life and Portal themed charms if you do the above task.

Also, since we are getting Season 7, there would obviously a lot of new content. There would be an absolutely new map, a new Legend, a new battle pass, and several other new things. To read the entire patch notes as for the content we are getting click here.