Activision Blizzard Has Raked In Plenty of Money Courtesy The Micro-Transactions 


Soumi Sarkar


Nov, 10.2020

In the past few days, Activision Blizzard reported financial figures for the July to September quarter and
there is a surprise element in it. An insight into the figures will tell you that this has been a good quarter
for this gaming publisher. The surprise has come in from the micro-transaction segment of the business.
The technical term for this segment is known as “in-game net booking” and this segment has helped the
company to make $1.2 billion.
It has made $709 million from in-game net booking and this is a mammoth growth of 69% in comparison
to the same period last year. This is a segment, which is significantly big for Activision Blizzard and one
will feel it on studying the complete results. The total revenues across all segments came in at 95 1.95
billion. Hence, it is a simple calculation that $1.2 billion from micro-transactions represents more than
half the company’s revenue. 
The biggest contributor to the robust micro-transaction revenue is The Activation Call of Duty franchise.
However, Modern Warfare and Battle Royal Game Warzone also have contributed significantly to this
huge figure. The data reveals that micro-transaction sales from both these franchisees saw a four-fold
increase in comparison to the previous year. 
The press release from Activision Blizzard also threw up more interesting points. They also reported
robust sales for Modern Warfare and the specific number was the best in Call of Duty history. The fine
print throws up indications that two-third of this sales figure came via the digital format. 
Another important franchisee on offer from Activision Blizzard is King’s, a candy crush maker. The micro-
transaction revenues here too saw robust growth but the press release lacked in specific numbers. The
earrings call indicated that Activision Blizzard is doing well primarily because of the micro-transaction
segment and one can expect more growth in the days ahead.