An Insight into The Expansion An Improvement Of The Multiplier Game Among Us


Soumi Sarkar


Nov, 10.2020

You are sure to love the popular multiplier game “Among Us” and recently there has been an update for
players. It is the highlight in the patch notes, which indicates changes to follow. It is a steam update and
it promises significant changes. This includes changes in ongoing accounts, which should make
matchmaking easier. 
A peek into the updates should excite you and it is certainly about some fixes. The players also get the
option to vote anonymously. These are however the smaller changes but the real big one should be felt
this upcoming December. There will be the inclusion of accounts into the game and as a player, one can
expect to keep complete track of progress. The inclusion of accounts should also allow players the
liberty to create friend lists. This news update had a statement from the developer InnerSloth. The
developer admits that the system might just be “a bit barebones” at the initial stages, but there should
be improvement down the line. 
The excitement however does not end here and there is a promise of a new map on the horizon. A
Steam update indicated on the map and it says that it should be "Henry Stickmin themed". The update
also indicated that the map should be significantly bigger than Polus/ This one is a free map and for
players, it will offer tasks to complete. 
This is the big update and surely gaming fans are bound to feel excited. There should be more additional
transitions and localization. The work regarding these updates is going on in full force. One can also
expect colorblind support. The rich and famous have already enjoyed the first stream of Among Us and
on the list is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She enjoyed it with friends and has praised the
game. You are sure to enjoy it a lot.