Fate of the Damned brings lot of new spooky content to Sea of Thieves


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Oct, 31.2020

Sea of Thieves is the go-to game if what you want to experience is the pirate life. It is quite fun to play and can be played with friends as it has a good multiplayer experience too. Halloween is just around the corner now. Due to it, lots of spooky content is coming to various games. Among these games, one game is Sea of Thieves. Now, it has received lots of new content with the Fate of the Damned update. And, since it is Halloween, it is undoubtedly a lot of spooky stuff that we are getting with this update. We even got a new trailer regarding the new content that has arrived. Check it out here:

The Fate of the Damned is quite a big update and brings several additions to the game. Not only are we getting thighs like new cosmetics, skins, etc. like other games. But, we are also getting lots of unique game modes, weekly challenges, pets, etc. Click here to read the official announcement and learn more about the latest update. Larinna, one of the NPC of the game informs us about the spotting of Shadows of Fate throughout the seas. You would have to chat with lot of other NPCs to get more information about this. A crew called Bilge Rat was sent initially to discover the secrets, but they did not return. Now, it is your duty to resume from where they stopped. Now, it will be your task to rid the seas of the Shadows of Fate and the Skeleton Lord. By doing these you would not get tons of high-value loot, but also get Ritual Skulls. Using these, you can assault the Fort of the Damned. Other than that, you would also get various other things such as special challenges. And, these rotate on a weekly basis. The Soulflame set of cosmetics is what you would get in terms of new cosmetic items. Talking of events, they also added a new Events menu which would help you in checking the rewards, challenges, etc. We have various new emotes too. And, new pets. These are skinless, and literally all bones. However, they are still quite cute in my opinion. And, we have a brand new Soulflame ship set. And, whew, this looks quite cool.

So, yes lots of new content and it is already here. If you are a fan of Sea of Thieves, you should most definitely check this out.