The Pokemon Go Compatibility Is Being Added To Pokemon Home And It Is Great


Soumi Sarkar


Oct, 22.2020

The Pokémon Sword And Shield Crown Tundra is on the verge of another expansion and there were
indications of it at the latest video presentation of the company. However, the broadcast had
something more to offer and this part should be a lot more exciting for gaming fans. It was towards
the end of the presentation, there was confirmation that Pokémon Go compatibility will be added to
Pokémon Home.
It sounds exciting and the presentation also had to say that this addition should be complete before
the year is over.  Are you eager to move monsters caught in the mobile game into Sword And
Shield? We would like to say that it should be possible after this update. 
There was however no indication as when precisely this compatibility can be accessed live. It is
after the addition there is scope to transfer the captured Pokemon in Pokemon Go to Pokemon
Home. It is from there you can transfer it to Sword And Shield. 
There have of course not been many details on the formalities of the transfer process from the
company. However, the announcement threw up some caveats and it is important that you get to
know the details. The company indicated clearly that certain special Pokemon are not transferable.
Our sources indicated that this applied to certain costumed Pokemon and some monsters. The
other update was that all transfers only work one way. 
Our sources also told us that by transferring Pokemon from Go may also cost PokeCoins. Our guess
is that there should be a cool down period after you transfer Pokemon from Go to Home. If you
spend PokeCoins, there is scope to shorten this period. 
There are bonuses and gifts to grab for players here. The transfer of a pocket monster from the
mobile game to home offers the scope to pick up the bonuses. The mystery gift is from Pokemon
Home: Melmetal. There is plenty of excitement in the offering and you must not miss out.