A Peek into the Latest Offering from The Hacker- Centric Franchise- Watch Dogs Legion


Soumi Sarkar


Oct, 16.2020

The big bet this time for Watch Dogs Legion is on systemic interactions in an open world. It is
now ready to follow a large group of people who are eager to push back against any oppression
and it is different. We say it because of the complete absence of a single protagonist. This is an
interesting game and was originally slated for release of March 6th. However, it got delayed by
an Ubisoft announcement and they have an alternative release date in mind. It is slated for
release this upcoming October 29th and will be streaming live on PS4, Xbox One, PC and
Stadia. The Ubisoft announcement hinted that Xbox Series X and S also have plans to stream
Watch Dogs Legion but from November 10th onwards. 
You are surely planning to buy Watch Dogs Legion and there is more to expect. As a buyer you
can expect a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X. This upgrade is for
all buyers and it does not matter if you have the physical or digital copy. You would be eager to
enjoy this upgrade and if you own the physical version, it is just about inserting the disc into the
next generation console. If you intend to play the digital version, one can simply download the
game on the next console. 
If you recollect the first two editions of the game unfolded in Chicago and San Francisco.
However, this time the set up is a bit distant and you have dystopian London as base. Legion this
time has looked to be lenient and players are able to recruit or even take control of any NPC in
the game. Your character choice is the critical aspect to how the game unfolds. There is scope to
preorder this game and one can win bonus prizes in the form of Gold King Pack. It is exciting
and you must not miss out.