Call Of Duty Black Ops - Cold War Open Beta Trailer is out


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Oct, 16.2020

Call Of Duty is undoubtedly one of the most popular franchises of shooting video games in the world. We have come across lots of information about the latest Call of Duty. This latest and upcoming Call of Duty is called Call of Duty Black Ops - Cold War. The game is set to release on November 13, 2020, however, you would not have to wait this long to play it. You might be wondering why? Well, it is because the Open Beta for Call Of Duty Black Ops - Cold War starts this weekend. It starts on October 8, 2020. Well, October 8 is for those who have pre-ordered it, and for the rest, it will be on October 10. And, we have even got a new trailer for the same. Check it out here: However, there is a big caveat here. The open beta is not for all platforms, but only for the PlayStation 4 players. So, if you have pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 version you would be able to play it on October 8, 2020, and if not, then on October 10. As for the rest of the platforms, the open beta would arrive next week. We have even got information regarding the game modes that would be available on the Open beta through the trailer. The game modes available in the Open Beta are: Team Death Match Domination VIP Escort Kill Confirmed Combined Arms So, yes a lot of stuff that you can do in the open beta it seems. It is a shame that it won’t be available on all platforms from October 8, but well, just got to wait for an extra week. So, it is not too bad either. Are you all excited for the open beta? Well, we certainly are. Being a diehard fan of the Call Of Duty ever since I was a kid, the urge to play it again comes naturally. Anyway, the beta is just a small aprt of it. After all, the actual game is gonna have so much more in it. Campaign, multiplayer, zombies, and even a Warzone integration. The main game releases on November 13, 2020, so just a month away from now.