How to open the Stark Industries vault in Fortnite Season 4


Samriddha Saha


Oct, 02.2020

Epic Games have added a brand new location, Stark Industries, in Fortnite and there's a chest full of loot. Here's how you can get into it.

The game developers have had these chests protected by bosses, sidekicks, and even superheroes since they were first added to the game. Last season, people like Meowcleat were reported to be preventing looters from scooping up the grand prizes that were in them.
Just like the other safes, this one can be opened by picking up a key card, found at the location. All you have to do is take down Iron Man, who is defending the point of interest. Head to the main building and grab an assault rifle from the upper floors. From there, you'll need to use a blanket and quickly move to a point of view. To do this, build a few ramps from the outside so that you can look through a window.

Here you will be able to take out the enemy and dodge Iron Man's close combat abilities, which can take you down in seconds. Once you've knocked him down, kill him and collect the Iron Man Key Card. You'll also get a Mythic Iron Man item, granting you access to his powers. Not only that but also his repellent gauntlets. Now to find the safe, head to another smaller building on the site, as seen in the video below from MoreLlamaSir.

This is where the chest waits to be opened. Quickly pass security cameras, scan the key card, and off you go. Inside you'll find plenty of loot, including four special chests from Stark Industries. You should be well equipped for the end of the game after picking up not only the contents of the chest but also the abilities of the superhero.