Crysis Remastered version 1.1.0 allows players to lean


Saptarshi Mozumdar


Oct, 02.2020

Crysis Remastered got its update 1.1.0, and it brought a lot of new changes to the game. According to the official twitter handle of Crysis (@Crysis), this update contains several changes that were demanded by the players. The tweet mentions “We listened to your feedback and are happy to present our first set of bigger changes, additions and fixes to Crysis Remastered.” Here is the official tweet:

The tweet also contains a link to their subreddit, that shows all the patch notes of the 1.1.0 update. Click here to check out the subreddit post. Needless to say, it contains a lot of bug fixes. However, it contains something unexpected too. Apparently, now you can lean in the game. Anyway, here is the list of all the patch notes for 1.1.0

General Updates

Added Features and Options

· Added option to lean into the game.

· Added controls to lean.

· Adjusted mouse sensitivity based on community feedback.

· Added more trees to level Sphere.

· Added more trees to level Harbor.

· Added new keybind options for weapons.

· Added quick throw button for explosives.

· Added Classic Nanosuit controller options.

· Added suit shortcuts to Classic Nanosuit mode.


· Fixed an issue where using Ray Tracing caused stutters and other performance issues.

· Improved SS shadow.

· Improved the ghosting of objects in shaded areas while using Ray Tracing.


· Added Warning box when switching to “Can It Run Crysis” graphic mode, warning players of its heavy performance costs.


· Improved Helena's character model. (Reckoning - fleet)

Bug Fixes

· Fixed a bug where cloak mode was not reflected when using Ray Tracing.

· Fixed a bug where duplicated textures were loading for Ray Tracing.

· Fixed an issue where HDR caused colors to look too bright, unnatural and artifacted during daylight levels.

· Fixed an issue where strings in the options were written with lower case characters in multiple languages.

· Fixed a visual bug where the metal beam stuck out into the stairs in Fleet level.

· Fixed a bug where shadows were disappearing due to camera angles (Assault-harbor).

· Fixed noticeable shadow cascades (tank - Onslaught).

· Fixed KPA tank tracks geometry.

· Fixed a bug where player could control the camera in the suit mode selection menu.

· Fixed a bug that caused Power-mode melee attacks to not drain energy when using the Classic Nanosuit mode.

· Fixed a bug that caused Speed-mode melee attacks to not drain energy when using the Classic Nanosuit mode.

· Fixed a bug where Nomad only had half of his shadows during anti-gravity on Core (Found by Digital Foundry. Thank you!)

· Fixed a bug where distant shadows were disappearing due to camera angle (HW and Can it run Crysis Mode) (Onslaught-Tank).

· Fixed flickering issues visible on stairs (Fleet - Reckoning).

· Fixed a bug where display refresh rate only read from Windows’ default display.

· Fixed a Crash during legal screens.

· Fixed a rare crash during cutscenes after starting new game.

· Fixed a bug where the Armory pointer had low resolution (fleet - Reckoning).

· Fixed the visible ‘Replace Me’ textures on environment objects when "Textures Quality" is set to "low".

· Fixed a bug where the menu became brighter when changing the game’s resolution.

· Added missing text on the Crysis Remastered Logo screen in Japanese language.

· Fixed a bug where the Image calibration picture did not reflect the color settings.

· Fixed a bug where the game's window was always in focus.

· Added some missing stickers (fleet - Reckoning).

· Fixed a bug where an endless static sound could be heard until the very end of the game. (Fleet – Reckoning).

· Fixed an issue where Tanks stayed outside the village. (Recovery - Village).

· Fixed a bug where the "Win" hotkeys did not work.

· Fixed an issue where the Parachutes were flickering in the pause menu (Contact - Island)

· Fixed an issue where SFX and music were lagging behind animations if player changed the active window during cutscenes.

Crysis Remastered just came out a few weeks ago, and the developers have already started dropping updates and fixing the issues. The original Crysis was a masterpiece, and it truly deserved a remaster with all the current-generation updates. We are really excited to see what else Crytek does in the future for Crysis Remastered.