The Skill-Based Matchmaking Debate From Call On Duty Black Ops Cold War Has Aroused Interest


Soumi Sarkar


Sep, 30.2020

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has received a nice response from the public. It was streaming on
PS4 and plenty of you may have loved it. However, it has got a part, which is creating a lasting impact
and let me offer an update. It is the use of skill based matchmaking, which has caught everyone’s
attention. There are plenty who refer to it as SBMM.
We were lucky enough to take a look and could guess that it is a back end matchmaking system. It is a
simple formula and it puts players into a match situation with other players who are determined to achieve
that similar skill level. There were however some complaints about SBMM for the Black Ops Cold War.
We were able to gather some responses from the technology director at Treyarch. 
Martin Donlon took the initiative to correct a twitter follower who was making false claims or allegations.
The precise allegation was directed towards a bunch of games and it was about games such as Black Ops,
Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 all lacking the SBMM. The allegation was that this made them all
better as a result. However, Donlon was quick to counter this allegation and says that they all had SBMM.
It just could be that it was not noticeable in some of the games. 
The tweet reply from Martin has something more to say. His tweet further indicates that SBMM is just
one piece of puzzle as it comes to matchmaking algorithms. He explained by the tweet that SBMM is just
one amidst the many tunable parameters in a vast matchmaking system. 
It was just in the past weekend that Black Ops Cold War alpha was streaming live on PS4. It is during the
show you would have realized that sniper rifles were OP in alpha and that too with some purpose. You
may have missed the scope to try out on alpha but it does not matter. Treyarch plans to hold an open beta
in October on multiple mediums. The list includes PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 
The official launch of Black Ops Cold War is on November 13th and it will be streaming live on PS4,
PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.  There is excitement amidst gaming fans because it is a direct
sequel to Black Ops.