Get The Latest Gaming Excitement From Former Cyberpunk And Witcher Developers


Soumi Sarkar


Sep, 30.2020

The Polish studio and Krakó based Starward Industries has some exciting news to share with gaming
fans. They are planning to release a first person sci-fi adventure game by the name “The Invincible” It is
the work of expert developers and we could pick up that it is the same team, which worked on Cyberpunk
2077, Dying Light and The Witcher 3. It arrived on PS5 and Xbox Series X. There will also be a PC
release planned for 2021. 
We were able to gather some inputs on the adventure to expect early next year and it sounded exciting. It
starts this way that as a player you take up the role of a space scientist. A crew of your ship has gone
missing and you land up on a hostile planet in their search.  There is certainly an inspiration behind this
game and we were able to trace it to a novel by the same name published in 1964. This is the work of
Polish author Stanisław Lem. 
It is exciting because as a scientist on board one suddenly has to face a life and death rescue mission. The
name of the planet where you land is named is Regis 111.  It is with the help of advanced space
equipment that one has to locate the missing crew members. There is a need to use the brain and basic
instincts to survive on this planet. It is in quick time you will discover that Regis 111 has some terrible
secrets. It is while piecing together the fate of the missing crew that you stumble upon the secrets. You
will realize that there is someone else on this planet. It is too late to turn back. 
The unique feature about “The Invincible” is the non linear storyline and immersive game play. As you
take a look into the details one will feel that it is quite similar to the games, which these developers have
presented before. It is with the help of Unreal Engine that the game has been built and we are yet to gather
any footage. The footage has not been released yet but some screen shots have been released. The music
for the game is also out and they are planning a nice build up hype for the release.