The popularity of Among Us is on hype right now


Soumi Sarkar


Sep, 30.2020

Indie game Among Us has explored the most popular in recent times. As per the Sensor tower,
Among Us has earned 18.4 million mobile downloads by August as compared to July.
The game has earned another level of importance 41.9 million in September. Among Us has
made the popularity of the games on the various platforms most effective. It is not remotely a
new concept to expert gamers.
About the game ‘Among Us’
This game was developed by InnerSloth with a multiplayer party game concept. There are four
to ten players who can take the role of the Spaceship crew members that are preparing for the
The players are randomly assigned to the role of the alien imposters. The goal is to kill and
frame crew member, by sabotaging the ship a d do it all without getting caught. This fun-filled
adventurous game is much similar to the setup of other popular real-life party games like
Werewolf and Mafia.
The twitch streamers are attributed to the spreading of the good words about this eccentric
game, Among Us. The multi-players are highly infusive to the platform with a view of 247000
InnerSloth has also mentioned that Among Us is in the work and the team hasn’t released the
date yet. The company is setting a goal to build in the break of the existing things. The core is to
keep the balance of the crewmates versus the imposters on the right track. The developers plan
too weak the team balances and improve the matchmaking to add on more modifications or
moderations to it. These new roles can confirm it anytime.