The Challenges Presented By Fortnite Coral Buddies


soumi sarkar


Sep, 22.2020

The buzz on the gaming circuit is about the much anticipated launch of Fortnite Coral Buddies and it
should be out in the next few days. You are surely excited but we would like to say that there are some
challenges to fulfill this upcoming season 4. It is on expected lines and the presence of challenges makes
it exciting for the player. It is another series of challenges from Epic Games and they are located across
the map. Are you in a hurry to face the challenges? At this moment there is only one single challenge,
but more should follow. The first one is a secret challenge and it has been titled Event of the Year. There
are guides leading you to the challenges and offering help to accomplish it with ease. 
Where precisely can you locate the challenges? 
The coral buddies are back on the island and they also present the challenges. We were fortunate
enough to get a look at the map and the first challenge was quickly on our radar. It was there on the
right side of the map and if you are searching for a specific grid, it is H4. It starts this way that you
stumble upon an entrance to a location, which is now abandoned. There is more, which you get to see
and one will witness a gnome staring at a sign on the edge of a concrete circle. Your task is simple as one
must approach it and complete the challenge. It should be easy and you can try out. 
It is not all and one is sure to come across more such locations in the map. It is common to come across
gnomes in places such as Weeping Woods. However, they only offer the liberty to visit one of them. The
ultimate challenge is presented just north of Dirty Rocks and if you have faced it, one need not have to
worry about the rest. 
There are lucrative prizes on offer for completing the extra task. There are 20,000 experience points to
gain. This helps to level up the battle pass and the Marvel Gear awaits you.