The Next Installment For Monster Hunter Announced Lately By Nintendo Switch


soumi sarkar


Sep, 22.2020

It was just yesterday that Nintendo Switch had something nice to present to gaming fans. The
announcement was done amidst much fanfare that a brand new Monster Hunter is on the verge of
arrival. The announcement took place in the midst of a Nintendo Direct Mini presentation. It was
however not a normal announcement and the company also premiered the trailer for fans. They made
the big announcement that Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise is arriving on March 26th 2021. This is the
reason for all the excitement. 
The trailer launch gave us an initial glimpse and we could clearly see the hero. He was using grapple
points to navigate in an open world. There were challenges from some fearsome beasts. The hero is not
alone and he is in the company of a dog or wolf like companion. There is scope to utilize this companion
as a mount. There is talk going on amidst the characters and one can get a grasp from the English
voiceovers. In the midst of everything, we came across an elderly character and he gave out a warning
signal. It is a warning of calamity from a monster by the name of Magnamalo. We could guess that this
character is the antagonist of the story. 
The trailer release has been on Capcom and you will come across “a story based RPG experience”.  As a
player you will have the scope to assume control over a new monster rider. We got feedback that there
will be multiple ways to play the game. There will be scope to play it alone or in the four player co-op.
There will be options to play the game online or even locally. 
This is some important feedback, which you could give you about this game but there is certainly a lot
more. A fan had suspected that Monster Hunter Rise to be run on RE engines and this was only
confirmed by a Capcom community manager. This one is just the engine, which allowed the debut of
Resident Evil 7.  There is plenty of excitement on offer and one must not miss out.