AFGC: Interviewing Lokmanyu Chaturvedi - The FIFA Champ


Rounak "FL45H666" Roy


Mar, 06.2020

Lokmanyu Chaturvedi is a known name in the Indian professional FIFA circuit. He has already represented India twice in international tournaments. Lokmanyu represented India in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ES Football Championship and once again in Singapore. He has played a bunch of national tournaments and won most of them. He recently won the Asian Football Gaming Championship Hyderabad Offline Qualifier and now he is eyeing for the AFGC title.

I had a chance to talk to the FIFA pro and here’s what the champ had to say.

Interviewing Lokmanyu Chaturvedi:

1. When did you first start gaming?
I started playing games in 2004. The first game that I played was FIFA 2004 on the PC. Then I started playing WWE Smackdown vs RAW in 2006 and that’s when I started gaming casually.

2. Tell us about your first ever professional game.
My first ever professional game was FIFA 17. That was not exactly professional but that’s when I started to enter the competitive scene in FIFA, right at the end of FIFA 17.

3. What are some key achievements in your career?
I had the honor of representing our country in Malaysia at the ES football championship and in Singapore for the 2v2 SEA Virtual Championship. I also had the opportunity to play a lot of national-level tournaments and I managed to bag the Vice National Champion title a couple of times.

4. Was there any moment when you wanted to quit gaming?
Yes of course. in any Esports or sports for that matter, you have to be prepared. In sports, there are bad phases and you feel that this is not working out, and you feel like you should probably take a step back. But you need to stay focused and you need to believe in yourself. You need to believe that in the end, something good will come out of it. You’re talented and your talent is not going to be wasted. So the key is to stay patient.

5. How many hours do you practice daily?
I believe that excessive practice is not necessary in a game like FIFA. I believe 4 to 5 hours a day is good enough. But if you want to work on your skills then I think you should give an additional 2 hours to that. Other than that to play matches and everything, 4-5 hours are enough.

6. You have played against a bunch of other professional players. Who gave you the toughest competition?
There are a lot of top players in the country and with the rise of FIFA eSports in India more and more young players are coming up. I’m 23 but I see a lot of 15-16-year-old kids making a name for themselves. That is really nice to see. In this case, I’d like to say that there are a lot of good players and I can’t just name one or two in particular but I think the competition is really good.

7. Is watching any game (traditional and esports football) necessary to ace in the professional e-gaming field?
It is not necessary but I think the passion for FIFA Esports for me rose out of watching football and being a passionate football fan since I was a kid. I think if you love football and watch football then it will definitely help you in FIFA. Because you have knowledge of the game and you want to create those moments on the virtual pitch. So yes it’s the key, suppose, for example, if you love the army and all the army movies and stuff then you will probably like CS: GO or Call of Duty.

8. Do you play any other game?
Yes, I play Call of Duty and I really love Call of Duty. I was one of the best players from India back in Call of Duty Black Ops 1. So I think I was India’s number 1 back then and since then I love first-person-shooter games.

9. Which was your most memorable match?
There have been a lot of memorable matches but there’s this one game where I remember I was 3-0 down in the semifinals. And then I came back from their making it 3-3 and from there I went ahead to win the tournament. So that was a very close and a very memorable match.

10. Your favorite team and players?
My favorite team is Manchester United and my favorite player from the current squad is Pogba even though he is not doing well recently. But the kind of talent he has in the midfield if given the right opportunity he is probably one of the best midfielders on his good day.

11. There's a rumor that most gamers are also pranksters. Do you play pranks on your friends? What's the best one you have pulled?
I guess the rumor is correct. I have pulled a lot of pranks on my friends. I will tell you what I’ve done but you cannot publish it. It’s not something totally awful but it was something. People can get the idea that I am a menace when I am a prankster.

12. How was your experience with AFGC?
My experience with AFGC has been really good. AFGC by far is the most prestigious tournament of the country and Asia when it comes to the Head to Head Mode. And the way AFGC as an organization is running, it’s been really good. AFGC is creating great opportunities for all the passionate FIFA eSports players, and I think it is the best tournament. I’m really glad I qualified for the online and offline finale.


So that was Lokmanyu Chaturvedi, the FIFA Champ. Keep an eye on the AFGC tournament to know how well Lokmanyu does in the National Finale. Follow Letsgamenow news to stay updated.