The Nintendo Switch Is Sold Out Everywhere in India, US and other parts of the world


SAMRIDDHA SAHA (Gl1tch_mast3r)


Mar, 28.2020

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed by Nintendo, released worldwide in most regions on March 3, 2017. It is a hybrid console that can be used as a home console and portable device. The Nintendo Switch's design is aimed at a wide demographic of video game players through the multiple modes of use. It sold over over 52 million consoles already and it's still in a very high demand.

Are you the one looking for a Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Switch Lite console but not finding it anywhere? Well, It's because the console got completely sold out at all the major retailers. It is nowhere to be found unless you’re willing to pay a much higher price to get hold of one. The Most popular online retailers in India such as Flipkart and Amazon are out of stock too in case you are wondering to order one online. It might be because of the impact on Chinese manufacturing and supply lines due to the spread of novel coronavirus and also because of the increasing demand, as millions of people remain quarantined in all parts of the world. China has begun to recover from the coronavirus, which could mean that production will soon resume, and Nintendo will be able to supply new Switches. The last time when Switch got all sold out was during the Christmas period in the US. It took until late January for stock to be replenished at every major retailer. Although, this time we are expecting a much longer wait as it almost got sold out in the entire US,UK,India,Australia and other parts of the World. So, It is likely to take some time before it can continue with the production and stock up completely. Until which you can do nothing but wait and continue gaming with any other gaming console or devices you own.