Xbox Launches 2024 Ultimate Game Sale Teaser Version


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 10.2024

Members of Xbox Game Pass have first access to buy games during the Xbox Summer Sale in 2024. Even though Xbox provides a number of significant discounts all year long, including its Lunar New Year Sale, the Xbox Summer Sale is one of the occasions that many console enthusiasts choose to set aside money for. Notable discounts are frequently applied to a wide range of titles and add-ons, including material for recently launched games. This is also valid given that it occurs close to the halfway point of the current year.

It goes without saying that customers who choose to acquire the Xbox Game Pass subscription receive a plethora of benefits. The inclusion of playable games and internet play is already a delightful aspect of the package. But there are a lot more extras that make the membership more enjoyable, such special offers and discounts. This early access to the Xbox Summer Sale of 2024 is one example of it.

Xbox Game Pass customers can find the Ultimate Game Sale Teaser button by visiting the Deals area of the Microsoft Store. It is important for fans to understand that this is merely a sneak peek at the entire sale, and the games on the list now represent a small selection of what will be offered when the Xbox Summer Sale of 2024 opens to the public. The recently released WWE 2K24: Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition was discounted by 34% off its original MSRP. In the meantime, there have been significant price reductions on games like NBA 2K24 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Several well-known games, like Destiny 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Call of Duty: Vanguard, have gotten lower prices.

If you're in the market for some AAA games, you should choose Grand Theft Auto V, Hogwarts Legacy, and even Tekken 8. There are some excellent discounts on these titles during the sale, so this may be one of the few occasions when fans may purchase digital versions of these games at a lower cost. As it stands, more games will be revealed on 17th July, when the Summer Sale officially opens to non-subscribers.

It's surprising that Forza Horizon 4, which will shortly be delisted, doesn't appear to be on the list of titles that may be played. The recent announcement that the game will soon be taken down from digital shops gave it a fresh lease on life and a massive surge in player numbers. Because of this, a lot of fans have been waiting for the big sale to add the book to their collection forever. Of course, this is merely a preview of the discounted titles now available, so it's possible that more will be added while the deal is going on. Fans should also be aware that there will be additional offers available, in addition to the ones that are presently live in the store.