Review Bombing Is Happening To Apex Legends


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 10.2024

Since Respawn revealed its contentious decision to drastically alter the Battle Pass in Season 22, players of Apex Legends have taken to leaving negative reviews on the game on Steam. Since its 2019 release, Apex Legends has drawn a sizable player community thanks to its fast-paced action and deep history. However, many gamers are upset about the most recent modifications to its Battle Pass system.

According to EA's most recent update, users will not be able to use Apex Coins to purchase the Battle Pass in Apex Legends Season 22, instead needing to invest actual money. The upcoming season's Battle Pass will likewise be divided into two distinct, separately downloadable sections. Players will eventually have to climb 120 levels instead of the standard 110 because there will be two different Battle Passes, even though the number of BP levels will be reduced to 60 in each one. To put it another way, there may be more to EA's pledge to cut down on the amount of levels required for cosmetic items than meets the eye. Season 22 will see a price increase for the Premium Pass to $9.99 and for Premium+ to $19.99.

After this significant update was revealed on the official website, some Apex Legends gamers made threats to stop playing the game. Players have expressed their displeasure with the response rather quickly, posting critical reviews on Steam. 1,449 unfavourable reviews were uploaded on July 9 alone, bringing the game's recent review score down to "Mixed." Although Apex Legends' Season 21 brought forth a number of contentious adjustments, many players believe that the Battle Pass modification was the tipping point. A rise in critical messages has also been observed in the Apex Legends subreddit, where some gamers have announced that they have uninstalled the game.

Season 21 of Apex Legends Introduced Significant Shifts

Apex Legends modified the Ranked Rewards program in Season 21 prior to revealing the Battle Pass modifications. Respawn and EA have reverted to an earlier concept in which players receive an animated badge upon reaching the same competitive rank in both season splits. A static badge reflecting the higher rank is given to players who finish the season with different rankings.

On the flip side, Wattson and Ash of Apex Legends received a shadow enhancement in the Season 21 midseason patch. Ash's Ultimate ability was improved by lengthening the portal, and Wattson's shield regeneration ability was boosted. The key players of Ash and Wattson are happy with these adjustments because they are improving their gameplay.

A highly contentious nerf to Bloodhound in Apex Legends was also included in the mid-season patch, which has sparked questions over the recon legend's viability in competitive play. Since Season 0, adversaries have been highlighted by smoke or gas with Bloodhound's Ultimate ability. However, this feature has been removed. Future Apex Legends seasons may see fewer players as a result of these contentious adjustments to the Battle Pass and Bloodhound, even if the future is obviously unpredictable.