One Vehicle Aspect Was Killed In A Recent GTA Online Update, And Fans Are Upset


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 09.2024

Many fans are not thrilled with the recent GTA Online update that nerfed the BMX, making it more difficult for players to leap high with the vehicle. Fans utilise the BMX for a variety of tricks in GTA Online, much like the abundance of other vehicles in the game, and this modification basically makes it impossible to pull off a number of things.

Many would have predicted that Rockstar Games will turn its attention away from GTA Online now that GTA 6 is in the works and the release window is set. That hasn't, however, been the case at all. Lately, the game's developers have started adding a ton of new events and material. A GTA 6 Easter egg was even added in a recent GTA Online update. Amidst all of that, a new adjustment implemented by the creators has left players highly dissatisfied.

User Intelligent-Award-57 discloses a subtle but important change in the GTA Online Bottom Dollar Bounties update in a post on the GTA Online subreddit. The user claims that following the update, the stamina cap was dropped, effectively lowering the height at which players could jump when riding the BMX. For gamers that use the BMX to perform acrobatics, that tweak may not seem like much at first, but it is really important. The user even goes so far as to point out that they can no longer jump over fences, which was not the case before the update.

Wide-Reaching Effects Of GTA Online BMX Nerfs

It is important to remember that the shift has broad effects. It has also made it very challenging for players to finish the Junk Energy Time Trials, as another player points out. One of the greatest ways to make money in GTA Online is through the Junk Energy Time Trials, but with this nerf, players will have to rely on other ways to get money. Some gamers were left perplexed as to why they continued failing a challenge that they had previously been able to complete with ease because they were not even aware of the change.

The user continues by going into great detail as to why the BMX was altered in such a major way by the most recent GTA Online version. Before the GTA Online Salvage Yard update, it seems that players were having some handling problems with the BMX, which the developers had fixed. Now that attempts are being made to enhance it even more, it appears that the BMX mechanics have become rather difficult to perform feats on. It's unclear if Rockstar Games would undo the modification given that many people feel it detracts from the enjoyment of GTA Online.