WWE 2K24 Patch 1.12 Corrects Inaccurate AI From The Previous Version


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 09.2024

Update 1.12 for WWE 2K24 was made available to fix problems caused by the two patches that came before it. Following reports that WWE 2K24's patches 1.10 and 1.11 disrupted the game in numerous ways, there was a great deal of outrage online about the developers' alleged emphasis on trying to provide content for modes like MyFaction and others. Since the release of the title, there have been numerous complaints. Among the issues raised are the Creation Suite's numerous graphic faults and what appears to be trouble connecting to different internet services.

Nevertheless, the creators of WWE 2K24 have made a continual effort to evaluate and fix the issues affecting the game. The development team at MyFaction and DLC must make sure that any potential conflicts with already-existing assets are addressed before releasing any new material. It is necessary to check for graphic issues on the new models that may need to be fixed. Not to add, there are still bugs that need to be weeded out that were not fixed in the past. Some of the community's issues appear to have been resolved by the most recent patch.

WWE 2K24's patch 1.12 has at last resolved the reports of AI that would occasionally stop responding. A glitch in the last patch made tag matches essentially useless. It has also been determined how to stop the CPU opponent from continuously entering and leaving the ring and from picking up and dumping weapons. Many of the issues with WWE 2K24 update 1.11 appear to have been fixed, which should satisfy a lot of fans. In the patch notes, support for upcoming MyFaction events has also been mentioned.

Future Characters for MyFaction Discovered in Patch 1.12

Jean-Paul Levesque

Batista '08

Interestingly, WWE 2K24 content provider WhatsTheStatus has discovered multiple models that may be headed to MyFaction once again, similar to past patches. Among the recently uncovered characters are Jean-Paul Levesque, who was first featured in WWE 2K23, and a vintage Batista. Although a release date for the two has not been determined, past findings strongly suggest that they will be transformed into Persona cards that can be unlocked in different modes.

Now that WWE 2K24 has been available for more than four months, the game is almost halfway through its annual release cycle. The formal announcement of the availability of all of the WWE 2K24 DLC is still a few months away. After the formal release of the finished product, the developers should have more time to work on fixing numerous bugs. But there might be new problems with MyFaction's Persona system that weren't there in entries from prior years. Of course, the creators have a history of making significant post-launch improvements to the games—as demonstrated by WWE 2K20, for example. While the crew updates WWE 2K24, ideally the months leading up to WWE 2K25 should go more smoothly.

Notes for WWE 2K24 Patch 1.12

Addressed issues raised about AI becoming unresponsive in specific scenarios.

Addressed the concerns raised by reports that AI keeps dropping weapons.

Increasing assistance for forthcoming MyFaction events.