The First Descended Supposed To Have Plagiarised Destiny 2


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 09.2024

The First Descendant faced accusations of pilfering artwork from Bungie's enormously successful online action role-playing game, Destiny 2. The cooperative looter shooter game by Nexon Games was just published on 2nd July and gained a substantial player base in the days that followed. But after its release, The First Descendant also encountered a number of significant problems, including a serious flaw with its premium currency and contentious debates about its purportedly exploitative monetization scheme.

The First Descendant is a third-person looter shooter by Nexon, and its creators were open about what inspired them even before it was released. The First Descendant's director, Minseok Joo, has made it clear that the game took inspiration from Warframe and Destiny. He has also explained that his team aimed to create a similar sense of community among players with upcoming updates. It's possible that many fans have even felt the influence of both games on The First Descendant. Its mod and crafting systems, for example, are very similar to the advancement mechanics of Warframe. Positive similarities to the gameplay of Destiny 2 have also been made to The First Descendant's concentration on treasure drops and challenging boss battles.

Although it's common for previous games to have an impact on later releases, a Forbes article suggested that The First Descendant's creators might have drawn too much inspiration from other IPs. The article states that while some of the icons for The First Descendant's modules and abilities are very similar to those of Destiny 2, they have been altered just enough to avoid being exact duplicates.

Mixed Reviews Are Received For The First Descendant

Deeper exploration of both games' assets has resulted from the comparable icons; some players have examined and discovered striking parallels between some of The First Descendant's weapons and Destiny 2's armaments. Players were especially dubious of the Another Dream sniper rifle's design, even though it seemed to be a cross between the unusual Sleeper Simulant linear fusion rifle and the fabled Ikelos sniper rifle from Destiny 2. Similar to the symbols, the model of The First Descendant is not a direct replica, but it bears enough similarities for players to speculate if this was intentional homage or a hint of something more sinister going on behind the scenes.

Developers are working hard and have even published a hotfix for The First Descendant's technical concerns, despite the hiccups during its introduction. Future success is still uncertain in a category as competitive as online action role-playing games. If The First Descendant is able to get past its problems and establish a name for itself in the business, only time will tell.