Rumour: XDefiant Leak Reveals New Content Coming In Season 2


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 08.2024

In the next seasons of XDefiant, additional factions and weaponry will be added, per a recent datamine. Though it's crucial to remember that Ubisoft has not yet verified any of the information, the leaked details appear to indicate that XDefiant players will be getting a ton of new content. These items may be placeholders, may alter drastically, or may be removed entirely prior to their official release, as is the case with any datamined information.

Ubisoft's XDefiant has garnered a lot of interest since its release, drawing in 11 million players and breaking the previous record for the fastest Ubisoft game to achieve one million unique players. With multiple game modes for six-player teams, this free-to-play arena shooter incorporates features from well-known Ubisoft games like Watch Dogs and Far Cry. In spite of early server problems and conflicting evaluations, the game attracted a sizable player base quite fast.

The XDefiant Season 1 update brought with it new content and enhancements, and the player base is excited to see what else is in store. New factions and weaponry are revealed in the datamined material for XDefiant's first year. Players can anticipate weaponry such as the sawed-off shotgun, L115, and LVOA during Season 1. The PP19, SPAS, and an LMG will make their debut in season two, while more intriguing additions like the DMR, M1A, FAMAS, and SRSA will be included in later seasons.

Upcoming Weapons and Factions Revealed by XDefiant Leak

The sources indicate that in addition to the weaponry, new factions will be added with each season, beginning in Season 2 with the Highwaymen from Far Cry New Dawn. There are rumours that this group will have a turret ability, however it's unclear exactly what that means. Additionally, it appears from the datamined material that Assassin's Creed and Ghost Recon-based factions will be introduced in Seasons 3 and 4.

The Season 1 update details, which include new content and significant gameplay enhancements, have also been released by Ubisoft. The GSK faction from Rainbow Six Siege has been included, and it has special skills including the ADS gadget, Flash Shield Ultra, and Shockwire. The GSK faction of XDefiant can be unlocked by players through the purchase of packages with XCoins or by finishing a significant in-game task that demands 700,000 XP. This new faction keeps XDefiant interesting and fun for gamers, as do other maps and game styles like Capture the Flag.

Ubisoft has been proactive in resolving player complaints, including technological ones, as XDefiant grows. Recently, executive producer Mark Rubin revealed intentions to address the frame rate problems with XDefiant on the PlayStation 5. A thorough patch for both 60hz and 120hz players is anticipated to be issued soon, despite a minor fix for 60hz users having already been released. The momentum of the game and player pleasure depend heavily on this consideration for player input and technological stability.