A Call Of Duty Enthusiast Displays An Amazing Room Filled With Zombie Memorabilia


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 08.2024

A fan of Call of Duty Zombies has furnished an amazing room with gaming memorabilia. Since its debut in World at War, Call of Duty Zombies has kept gamers occupied by adding new and improved gameplay features with each new release. The fervor of the zombies fandom has also been shown in a variety of imaginative cosplay and fan art pieces.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone received the Season 4 Reloaded update recently, which also brought new weaponry and game modes. The Sledgehammer melee weapon, the Reclaimer 18 shotgun, and a new zombie mutation mode are all included in this release. A number of well-liked weapons have been enhanced, while the Kar98k has been nerfed. Another innovation that gives players wave-based combat difficulties and rewards them with cooldown resets on insured weapons and schematics is the new Unstable Rifts feature in Zombies mode.

A fantastic Call of Duty Zombies-themed room was made by Reddit member Critical-Historian68, who then shared it with the community. The post's video has a Ray Gun replica, a fridge stocked with bonus bottles, and a crate that looks like an in-game treasure box. The fan clarified that while some of these copies were purchased locally or online, others were built to order. Many posters of loading screens and other images from the games that the fan produced on canvas or poster paper adorn the room's walls.

Recently, a devoted fan of Call of Duty Zombies created a duplicate of Black Ops 4's Wraith Fire. Like the one from the game, this replica of tactical gear has a cylindrical glass chamber filled with blue liquid and an outer shell made of black and bronze. The creator's attention to detail was appreciated by the community, some of whom even made jokes about wanting to drink the blue liquid.

The Sledgehammer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has also gained popularity in the Zombies game due to its special ability to launch zombies upwards upon impact. With the addition of this entertaining feature with the Season 4 Reloaded update, players can now one-shot zombies in the game in a new and exciting way. Challenges can be used to unlock the Sledgehammer, which has three different attack styles and unique weapon skins.

Regarding the possible reappearance of the contentious Salvage feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Zombies, fans of the game are now split. When this feature was first included to Black Ops: Cold War, opinions were divided. Some gamers enjoyed the extra challenge, while others thought it was tedious. While round-based gameplay has been confirmed to return, Salvage's participation is still up in the air. While fans wait for additional information to be released during the Call of Duty NEXT event on 28th August, the argument is still ongoing.