A Fan Of Nintendo Discovers An Odd Use For Their Vintage GameCube


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 06.2024

One fan of Nintendo decided to turn their old GameCube console into a cereal bowl. It makes sense that other GameCube enthusiasts are astonished and perplexed by this strange decision.

Although the GameCube didn't perform as well for Nintendo as the Wii, it is still a cherished platform among many players. However, the GameCube was home to some amazing first-party titles, including the original Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime, Luigi's Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Some people find it hard to understand why someone would use a Nintendo system for something as ridiculous as eating cereal when it featured great visuals, a well-liked controller, and a compact physical footprint.

User evjaston posted a short video of himself chatting while preparing breakfast on Instagram. Evjaston opens his purple GameCube, adds milk and Cheerios, and then grinned and ate some of the cereal while staring into the camera. A lot of individuals were first horrified by the thought of using a GameCube in this manner. Evjaston did point out that the GameCube is damaged, so in a strange sense, he's still celebrating a gaming system that may have otherwise ended up as dust on a shelf or perhaps tossed in the trash.

Even with this explanation, the decision continues to baffle some supporters. Recently, someone asked if this may be hygienic, to which evjaston only replied, "Yessir". It should be rather easy to clean and sanitise the GameCube's disc drive. It's another story entirely whether the GameCube's internal components are indeed safe to eat.

Reusing, Recycling, and Bringing New Life to Antique Game Consoles

Although no one likes to see their beloved gaming machine fail, it frequently does. As was recently the case with the Wii U, official replacement parts for even repairable systems eventually cease to be manufactured and sold. Recycling a system is an option when it malfunctions and can't be mended; this permits the internal parts to be discarded and utilised again in a different product.

Some players decide to modify or interestingly resurrect their outdated systems. One enthusiast made the decision to disassemble a lifeless PSP and utilise it as wall art that shows off every internal part. Some have discovered ways to breathe new life into outdated systems by repurposing components from newer consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons as a Wii sensor bar. Each gamer must finally decide for themselves, however it doesn't seem probable that many will copy and use their favourites as a cereal bowl.