'Very Positive' Reviews On A New Horror Game Are Available For Free On Steam


Prithhis Bose


Jul, 06.2024

There's a short window of opportunity for fans to get Cakey's Twisted Bakery, a brand-new horror game, for free on Steam. There are many horror games on Steam that can be bought, ranging from AAA blockbusters like Capcom's Resident Evil series to a variety of independent releases like Alien Swarm, Cry of Fear, and After Hours, among other games that have been released on the site. This indie horror game is set in a bakery and is currently available in shops.

Fans of Steam have occasionally received free games via the platform, allowing their collection to expand. Tell Me Why, 100% Orange Juice, Endless Legend, and Knightfall: A Daring Journey are just a few of the titles that Steam has previously given away. There is a brief window of time for gamers who are interested in these titles to seize it, as many of them are only available for free for a very short period of time. A single game has now been made available for free on Steam for anyone who are interested in horror games.

If a player secures Cakey's Twisted Bakery before 7th July, 2024, it will be theirs to keep. It will then return to its regular price of about $7 USD or $10 CAD after that. Cakey's Twisted Bakery is a horror game that follows in the footsteps of games like Poppy Playtime, Five Nights at Freddy's, and other titles with themes of corrupted children. The horrifying aspect of Cakey's Twisted Bakery is that human children are utilised as a hidden component in the bakery's bizarre delicacies. The player's objective is to get out of the bakery and its horrible employees while looking for the protagonist's younger brother, George, who has vanished within.

For What Duration Is Cakey's Twisted Bakery Free To Use?

Up until 7th July, 2024, players can claim Cakey's Twisted Bakery for free.

In Cakey's Twisted Bakery, the objective is to create lethal cakes that can be utilised as weapons against the people that wander around the bakery. These include looking up different recipes on the wall and then assembling the necessary ingredients to prepare them. As in any other horror game with a concentration on monsters, players are instructed to use their pie-making skills to attack the enemy' weaknesses and hide from the dangerous monsters by diving under tables.

The game presently holds a "Very Positive" rating on Steam, although some recent reviews have been unfavourable, criticising the game's underdeveloped gameplay and mascot horror concept in addition to pointing out problems with its objectives. But for independent horror lovers who are obsessed with titles like Poppy Playtime and the previously mentioned Five Nights at Freddy's, Cakey's Twisted Bakery might be a free choice worth checking out if they're morbidly inquisitive.