Players Of Overwatch 2 Disappointed With The New Roadhog Weapon Skin


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 22.2024

A new playable skin for the tank character Roadhog was added in the most recent season of Overwatch 2, but many are not happy about it. Their grievances center on how the corresponding weapon skin detracts from their Overwatch 2 gameplay and could put them at a competitive match disadvantage.

The mainstay of Overwatch 2's business strategy, skins and cosmetic upgrades are how developer Blizzard primarily maintains user engagement outside of the game's gameplay mechanics. In addition to the competitive excitement and the ability to master all of the playable heroes in Overwatch 2, players play the game to unlock gorgeous new weapon and character skins. The recent Mirrorwatch game mode, which recasts Overwatch players as antagonists while villains like Widowmaker appear as Overwatch players themselves, is one example of how the skins themselves contribute to the expansion of the game's universe by posing alternate appearances and even histories for the characters.

The Super Mega Ultrawatch skin, which debuted in Season 11 and is styled after Japanese-style "tokusatsu" hero shows and monster flicks, is the most recent to get popularity. When players equip the weapon skin that comes with the skin, Kaiju Roadhog, they experience visibility issues.

Roadhog Skin in Overwatch Season 11 Increases Visibility Issues

The Kaiju Roadhog weapon skin, as pointed out by Reddit user Leading-Drummer5401, transforms Roadhog's standard Scrap Gun weapon into a massive, horned cannon that resembles a big kaiju's skull and jaws. The issue is that, in first-person view, the weapon seems significantly larger thanks to the skin than it does with other skins, blocking a substantial portion of the player's screen. Due to the weapon's size, Roadhog may be unable to see other foes, which could put players that equip the skin at a competitive disadvantage and result in an unintended extra nerf on top of the various nerfs he already received in Season 11.

The majority of Overwatch 2 Reddit users agreed with the complaint, and they recommended that more players bring it up on the game's official forums in order to get Blizzard to take notice and release a remedy. They noted that this issue of a weapon skin being so big that it blocks the player's view is not new and has previously afflicted other characters, such as Tracer's Mythic Adventurer skin, Ana's Overwatch Archives weapon skin, and Ashe's weapon skin. 

Players did commend the Kaiju Roadhog skin's general quality, though, despite the criticisms. Some called it the season's coolest skin because it completely transformed Roadhog into a monster akin to Godzilla.