Xbox Games Showcase Announces New 5v5 Hero Shooter Game


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 10.2024

During Xbox Games Showcase, FragPunk, a new 5v5 hero shooter, was revealed. The Xbox Games Showcase on June 9 was much anticipated by gamers, while many were taken aback by the sheer number of titles that were revealed. Many players were taken aback by the volume of games that seem to be balancing this new first-person shooter with thrilling gameplay, well-executed graphics, and rapidly approaching release dates.

Call of Duty Black Ops 6, which was teased and appears to be living up to fans' expectations for a typical first-person shooter, was the subject of much excitement among gamers. In order to maintain the novelty of the release while yet pleasing both new and returning players, Black Ops 6 does incorporate new mobility mechanisms in addition to a revamp of the gameplay systems. It seems like other shooters, like FragPunk, are also making their way onto these systems.

A trailer for the upcoming 5v5 hero shooter FragPunk was unveiled at Xbox Games Showcase for the Xbox Series consoles and PC. The gameplay, which takes place in a vivid future setting described by first-time producer Bad Guitar studio, moves at a breakneck pace that is mirrored in the short video. With a "radical" new twist, FragPunk's gameplay mostly consists of first-person hero shooters that players are accustomed to. With a deck of more than 70 cards, players will be able to modify the way matches progress in novel ways. For example, they can enlarge heads to eliminate opponents more quickly or activate "Chain Reaction," which causes chain lightning to form when bullets collide.

FragPunk has a visually striking game with gameplay that is thematically similar, giving the impression that things could alter at any time. There will be four maps, ten different heroes to choose from, fourteen weapons, and mechanisms that let players take advantage of the different counterplays and synergies that these components provide. Since the game is described as competitive, committed players may be able to steer it toward a market niche akin to that of other well-known strategic hero shooters, such as Valorant, which recently received a console announcement.

A few players weren't slow to draw attention to the similarities between FragPunk and Friends vs. Friends, Brainwash Gang's 2023 release that lets players play 1v1 or 2v2 matches and modifies gameplay with a card system. Many additional gamers seem to be interested in FragPunk because of its overall larger scale and potential for a competitive environment. The fact that the game is free to play seems to be luring some players in. When FragPunk finally releases in 2025, a lot of gamers will be eager to see more of it.