PUBG Mobile Super League - Central and South Asia Spring 2024: All You Need To Know


Prithhis Bose


Jun, 07.2024

PUBG Mobile Super League - Central and South Asia Spring 2024 is an offline tournament, taking place in Kathmandu. Organized by KRAFTON, Level Infinite and NODWIN Gaming, this tournament boasts a prize pool of $200,000 USD. It commenced on 22nd May 2024 and will conclude on 15th June 2024. Let's have a look into the details of this tournament.

Spring 2024 Format for PUBG Mobile Super League in Central and South Asia

League stage will be held from 22nd May to 9th June, 2024 and 20 teams will participate in it. Out of them 7 teams are directly invited (1 from South Asia, 1 from Pakistan, 5 from Central Asia), top 5 teams from South Asia Qualifier, top 3 teams from Pakistan Qualifier and top 5 teams from Central Asia Qualifier. The duration of league stage will be 3 weeks, and each week will consist of 5 matchdays. Each matchday will consist of 6 matches. (30 matches total per week).Teams are split into 5 groups of 4, and each group will play a total of 24 matches.

Groups will be reshuffled every week. In first week, teams will be are grouped randomly. In second week, teams will be grouped based on their week 1 placements. In third week, teams will be grouped based on their week 2 placements. Each week teams will be awarded bonus points based on their placements. Top 16 teams based on the overall rankings will advance to finals.

Finals will be held from 13th June to 15th June, 2024 and 16 teams will participate. Teams will start with half of the bonus points they have accrued during the league stage. The points will be rounded up to the closest integer if a team's total bonus is an odd number.In total there will be 18 matches (6 per day).

The following 20 teams are participating in this competition:

  • DRS Gaming
  • Horaa Esports
  • KS AXE
  • A1 TMT Esports
  • ASagi8 Esports
  • 52 Esports
  • WAOW Esports
  • IHC Esports 
  • Stalwart Esports
  • 4Merical Vibes
  • MadBulls
  • Major Pride
  • Falcons Force
  • Stronger Esports
  • Everest Gaming
  • Team Lakers
  • RUKH eSports
  • HardBass Team
  • De Muerte

The event will be streamed live on Youtube, Facebook and TikTok.