New Twitch Drop Rewards for Overwatch 2 are Revealed


Prithhis Bose


May, 15.2024

A new Twitch Drops promotion for Overwatch 2 has begun, and players may get an amazing Symmetra skin for a short period of time. As with Overwatch 2, Twitch Drops are a simple way for players to get in-game goodies by watching broadcasters play a specific game. Since the game's early seasons, Twitch and Overwatch 2 have partnered to provide skins for a number of different heroes.

Before, Cyclops skin for Overwatch 2 was given away for free to players who earned Roadhog's Legendary skin through Twitch Drops, a promotion from Blizzard. This time, Symmetra—one of Overwatch 2's Damage heroes with multiple skins to choose from—will be the highlighted character. A few of them are particularly notable, including the skins Gardener, Devi, Magician, and Cobra Queen, which is a skin from the battle pass for Season 2. Now that Twitch Drops are available, Overwatch 2 players can expand their collection by adding one of the character's premium skins.

With the launch of a new Twitch Drops distribution, Overwatch 2 is giving away the Conjurer Symmetra skin to those who watch qualifying streams. Players that watch two hours of Overwatch 2 streams in total until May 19 will earn the Conjuring spray; if they watch four hours, they will receive the Questwatch Symettra player symbol. After six hours of watching streams, players will earn the Aquamari weapon charm. After nine hours, Overwatch 2 fans can win the legendary Conjurer Symmetra cosmetic, which offers the Damage hero a chic purple and gold costume.

Up to 19th  May, Overwatch 2 rewards are available on Twitch drops

  • Watch for two hours in total: Invoking Spray 
  • Watch for four hours in total: Icon for Questwatch Symmetra Player
  • Watch for six hours in total: Weapon Charm Aquamari 
  • Watch for nine hours in total: Empathize with Epic Symmetra Skin

The Conjurer Symmetra skin was introduced by Blizzard in the previous year as one of the Overwatch 2 Season 5 shop updates. The shooter was given the Conjurer Symmetra Bundle at the moment, which allowed users to purchase all of the goods currently accessible via Twitch Drops for 1,200 Overwatch Coins.

Players of Overwatch 2 should link their accounts to Twitch and watch any qualified channel under the Blizzard shooter category if they wish to receive the legendary Symmetra skin and additional goodies. After winning the drop, players must equip the cosmetics to play with Symmetra in Overwatch 2 by going to their Twitch account's inventory of drops and rewards.