A Warlock in Destiny 2 can be transformed into Magneto from the X-Men


Prithhis Bose


May, 15.2024

A gamer of Destiny 2 revealed their personalized armor, which transformed their Warlock into Magneto from the X-Men. Using the resources in the game, the Destiny 2 community has shown incredible imagination in creating the most amazing armor for their Guardians. Because of this, users of Destiny 2 frequently imitate well-known pop culture figures in the game.

There are several instances of amazing constructions, like the Guardian-turned-Goku player in Destiny 2 and other gamers who created characters like DC's Deathstroke and the Harkonnen soldier in Dune 2. One player has selected Magneto, one of the most well-known mutants from Marvel Comics, as their character this time. Magneto is a well-known character from the X-Men universe and has starred in several shows, including the popular X-Men '97. In addition to having strong magnetic abilities, Magneto is also known for his fervent support of the mutant race, which has caused him to make contentious choices.

A recent creation from the Destiny 2 community is the Warlock transformed into the X-Men's Magneto by Reddit user iixVanquishxX. The player transforms the Warlock into an outstanding replica of one of the most powerful X-Men's legendary costumes. Magneto is shielded from telepathy and manipulation by the purple cape and helmet, which have a style evocative of the Greek Corinthian helmet. The player-created customization's colors are another noteworthy aspect; they not only mimic Magneto's appearance but also give the Warlock a menacing appearance.

The Mistios Mask helmet, one of the cosmetics from the Destiny 2 x Assassin's Creed crossover that was launched in Season of the Seraph, was used by the OP to enable their setup. The Warlock is decked up in The Wrong Hands gloves, Vakarian Strides boots, and the Halloween set's Mygalomorph Vest chest piece, which expertly replicates Magneto's outfit. The Phenotype Plasticity Cloak was the cape the player selected, and five distinct shaders made the set come to life. Crucible Alazarin, Crucible Carmine, Buffer Overflow, Devil in the Details, and Skitchpaint—a legendary shader that debuted in Destiny 2 Season 15—are them.

iixVanquishxX has already made stunning custom armor for Destiny 2 that pays homage to a comic book character. They previously accomplished an amazing recreation of Teen Titans' Raven in Destiny 2. The same was true of their Magneto setup, which was praised by other players of Destiny 2. Additionally, a comment advised the player of Destiny 2 to try a Void setup involving Gyrfalcon and The Manticore in order to "have their Magneto simulator."