Fallout: New Vegas Fan Recreates Far Cry 5's Quarry Junction


Prithhis Bose


May, 15.2024

An enthusiast of Fallout: New Vegas and Far Cry 5 has blended the two by recreating Quarry Junction in New Vegas. The infamous New Vegas location was made using the Far Cry 5 Arcade mode's level editor. 

Players can make their own self-contained maps with unique objectives in the arcade mode, which is distinct from the main game's narrative. They can also play other players' created maps and take on their challenges. Map designers have complete control over everything that appears on a given map, including its borders, landmarks, height, and even the programmable AI adversaries that players must contend with. There are a lot of different Far Cry 5 renditions of Fallout places because of the scope and depth of what artists can utilize.

Using the features of Far Cry 5 Arcade, map maker Mojo Swoptops has recreated Quarry Junction, a Fallout: New Vegas early-game area. The main transfer tower from the closed mine is depicted on the map; it is surrounded by massive limestone outcroppings and cliffs, which contribute to the notorious nature of the old Quarry Junction. All that is lacking from the original version is the plethora of signs alerting people to the presence of Deathclaws nearby.

Fortunately, Deathclaws, the elite predators from the Fallout universe who resided in the original Quarry Junction in Fallout: New Vegas, appear to be thankfully absent from this iteration. The quarry, which is along the quickest path to New Vegas from the player's starting point in Goodsprings, is notorious for its abundance of them. It's by design that novice players are frequently lured to go through the intersection straight, where they are almost always mauled by the high-level Deathclaws. This forces them to take a more detour, where their chances of meeting a grisly, scaly end are significantly reduced. Many an ill-fated and impatient courier have shared this quite unforgettable event.

Deathclaw Destruction Unites Players 

A closer look at the structure is possible thanks to a YouTube video that Mojo Swoptops has uploaded, and it definitely has the eerie feeling of entering the Quarry for the first time. Fans of the custom map have also expressed their gratitude for it, posting tales of how their desire to finish Fallout: New Vegas as soon as possible led to the premature end of their vengeance missions, along with countless angry Deathclaws. Although the absence of the famous creatures could destroy the illusion, Mojo Swoptops has devised an original fix: Just populate the map with Far Cry 5's flesh-eating pigs.