Overview and Teams Qualified for Round 3 of BGIS 2024 Round 2


Prithhis Bose


May, 14.2024

Underdog teams dominated the second round of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 main event. 512 teams that advanced from Round 1 and The Grind competition squared off in Round 2 to secure a spot in Round 3. A total of 224 teams, or the top 7 teams from each group, advanced to Round 3 after each group played six matches. Furthermore, the remaining teams' overall standings determined the top 16 teams, who also advanced to Round 3. From Round 2, 240 teams have progressed to Round 3.

Overview of BGIS 2024 Round 2 

With 113 points from Round 2 and two chicken dinners, WSB Gaming emerged victorious, topping the table. In addition to earning two chicken dinners and 107 points, Team XSpark came in second. In their six games during Round 3, these two teams were the only ones to score 100 points or more. The future members of Team RGB performed admirably in every game, scoring 72 points and one chicken supper. Another young team, RTGxIND, outperformed in Round 3, scoring 70 points with just one chicken dinner—55 of which came from finishes.

A few of the teams that advanced from Round 2 of BGIS 2024 are as follows:

  • Clue Esports
  • Team RGB
  • NeonX
  • TWOB
  • Matrix
  • Shoot At Sight
  • Medal Esports
  • Infinite Catalysts
  • Redzone Esports
  • ClawxPirat Esports
  • WBG
  • Team XSpark
  • 2OP Official
  • Sign To Gods
  • WSB Gaming
  • The Chosen 4
  • MG Esports
  • Heroes Gaming
  • Xero Reality
  • Inspiration Esports
  • Team Weibo
  • Bot Army Esports
  • Team Zero
  • Chemin Esports
  • PCN The Veterans
  • Carnival Gaming
  • IBV Gladiators

The following teams from The Grind made it to BGIS 2024's Round 3:

  • Gods Reign
  • Entity Gaming
  • Hyper Legends
  • Orangutan
  • GlitchxReborn
  • Raven Esports
  • Team Psyche
  • Numen Gaming
  • Tarkin Spartans
  • Ghuso Esports
  • Marcos Gaming
  • WindGod Esports
  • CS Esports
  • Hydra Official
  • Voltx Gaming
  • GenxFM Esports

Several seasoned teams, like Team XSpark, Medal Esports, Team Zero, and Carnival Gaming, competed in Round 2. Despite being ousted from The Grind tournament, a few of these teams managed to secure a position in Round 1 through the in-game qualifications. These groups will now play in Round 3.