All You Need To Know About LCK Spring 2024


Prithhis Bose


Apr, 03.2024

LCK Spring is an offline League Of Legends tournament, taking place in LoL Park , Seoul. Organized by Riot Games, this tournament boasts a prize pool of $276,718 USD. It commenced on 17th January 2024 and will conclude on 7th April 2024. Total 10 teams are participating in this tournament. Let's have a look into the details of this tournament.

LCK Spring 2024 Format

In the Group Stage, double round robin format will be applicable. Each team will play 18 matches and all matches will be played in best of three series. The teams securing 1st to 6th place will play the Playoffs. The teams securing 1st and 2nd place will receive playoff byes and move into the semifinals.

The playoffs will be held in double elimination bracket and all matches will be played in best of five series. The Winner and the runner-up will qualify for Mid-Season Invitational 2024.
In the Playoffs round 1, Hanwha Life Esports won 3 – 0 against Freecs, while Dplus triumphed a 3 – 2 score against KT Rolster.

In the Quarter finals , the match between Gen.G Esports and Dplus was a tie ( 1 – 1). 

The ten participating teams are as follows:

  • Dplus
  • DRX
  • FearX
  • Freecs
  • Gen.G
  • Hanwha Life Esports
  • KT Rolster
  • Nongshim RedForce
  • T1

In Group Stage MVP, players Chovy, Faker, Canyon, Zeka and Pyosik received 13 ,11 ,10, 10, 9 MVP’s respectively. 

In  Playoffs MVP, players Delight, Aiming, Bdd, Kingen and Lucid received 2,1,1,1 and 1 MVP’s respectively.

Prize Pool

  • The event boasts a total prize pool of $276,718 USD, with the distribution as follows:
  • The champion will be awarded $147,582.96
  • The second-place team will receive $73,791.48
  • The third-place holder will take home $36,895.74
  • The fourth-place finisher will be rewarded with $14,758.30
  • The teams securing the 5th to 10th position will also be awarded handsome prize money.

The event will be streamed live on Twitch Tv and Youtube.