Disruption Strikes CS2 Major Quarterfinals as People Run to Stage


Moin Khot


Mar, 30.2024

In a startling turn of events at the PGL Copenhagen CS2 Major, chaos ensued during the G2 Esports versus MOUZ quarterfinal match as two unexpected intruders stormed the stage, bringing the game to a grinding halt. Swift action was taken by the vigilant security team as they swiftly subdued the intruders, who were promptly handcuffed and escorted off the stage, restoring order amidst the confusion.

The abrupt intrusion not only disrupted the gameplay but also led to the unfortunate toppling of the prestigious CS2 Major trophy, which stood prominently at the center of the stage. As a result, players were compelled to evacuate temporarily, leaving spectators in suspense for approximately 20 minutes before the match could resume.

Reports indicate that the individuals involved in the disruption are allegedly associated with the controversial betting platform, CSGOEmpire. Taking to social media platform Twitter/X, a now-deleted tweet from the group claimed responsibility for the disruption, boasting of their actions despite facing repercussions.

Minutes prior to the disruptive incident, CSGOEmpire had published a contentious blog post titled "The War We Wage," accusing G2 Esports of colluding with a rival betting partner, CSGORoll, in fraudulent activities. The allegations leveled against G2 Esports triggered a series of condemnations from the community, with prominent figures expressing disdain towards CSGOEmpire's actions.

In response to the escalating situation, PGL swiftly issued a statement denouncing the disruption and ensuring the safety of all attendees. The organizers vowed to pursue legal action against the disruptors, emphasizing their commitment to upholding the integrity of the event.

The unfolding saga has sparked widespread debate within the esports community, shedding light on the growing concerns surrounding betting affiliations and their impact on competitive gaming. As the dust settles, questions linger about the repercussions of such disruptive incidents and the measures required to safeguard the sanctity of esports competitions.