Quid Clinches 2024 LCS Spring MVP Title


Moin Khot


Mar, 30.2024

The League of Legends Champions Series (LCS) 2024 Spring Split witnessed an eruption of talent, with one standout figure ascending to claim the spotlight. Lim “Quid” Hyeon-seung, the burgeoning mid laner for 100 Thieves, emerged triumphant as he clinched the coveted title of Most Valuable Player for the season. Garnering an impressive 63 vote points, Quid left his competitors trailing in his wake. Among them were Kim “River” Dong-woo, his teammate at 100 Thieves, and Kacper “Inspired” Słoma, the stellar jungler for FlyQuest.

Stepping into the LCS arena during the 2023 Summer Split amidst the shadows of seasoned veterans, Quid faced the daunting task of filling the shoes of legends like Bjergsen and Doublelift, who had graced the 100 Thieves roster previously. However, the 19-year-old prodigy proved himself worthy over the course of a year, showcasing glimpses of brilliance that earmarked him as a potential luminary in the North American League scene.

Throughout the electrifying 2024 Spring Split, Quid distinguished himself by leading all mid laners with a staggering tally of 60 kills. His dominance extended beyond mere statistics, with an astonishing average of 738 damage inflicted on enemy champions per minute. Despite boasting formidable early game laning prowess and commanding presence, Quid maintained a modest gold share, accounting for just 24 percent of his team's total income in his role.

Under his adept leadership, the Thieves surged to the summit of the regular season standings with an impressive 10-4 record. Yet, their journey was not devoid of challenges. In the crucible of playoffs, more seasoned adversaries such as Cloud9 and Team Liquid proved insurmountable obstacles, dashing 100 Thieves' aspirations of postseason glory.

Nevertheless, the valiant efforts of Quid and his comrades have kindled a flame of optimism among the fervent supporters of 100 Thieves. With rookies like Sniper and Meech making their LCS debuts this split, the team's trajectory hints at a promising trajectory of growth and evolution. Buoyed by their recent successes, the Thieves are poised to channel their resilience and determination towards scaling the heights of playoff contention, with their sights set on seizing the ultimate prize and making a resounding statement at the impending 2024 World Championship.