iQOO Soul Emerges Victorious in Upthrust Esports BGMI India Rising 2024


Moin Khot


Mar, 29.2024

In the electrifying culmination of the Upthrust Esports Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) India Rising 2024 tournament, the battlefields witnessed a spectacle of sheer prowess as iQOO Soul emerged as the undisputed champions. Alongside stalwarts like Orangutan and Team Tamilas, iQOO Soul showcased a masterclass in strategic gameplay, clinching the title with remarkable consistency.

Spanning three intense days of competition, the Upthrust Esports India Rising 2024 Finals showcased the talents of 16 formidable teams vying for supremacy and a coveted prize pool totaling INR 5 Lakhs.

Throughout the Grand Finals, iQOO Soul stood as a beacon of dominance, orchestrating victories with precision and finesse. Accumulating a staggering 171 points and clinching three chicken dinners, iQOO Soul left an indelible mark on the battlegrounds. Despite the fierce competition posed by adversaries like Orangutan and Team Tamilas, iQOO Soul's unwavering performance secured their rightful place at the zenith of glory.

Among the luminaries of the battlefield, Ankit “Akop” Shukla of Orangutan showcased exemplary prowess, amassing 43 finishes. Meanwhile, within the ranks of iQOO Soul, Manpreet “Rony” Singh and Mohammad “Manya” Raja demonstrated their mettle, notching 34 and 29 finishes respectively, cementing their legacy as formidable contenders.

While iQOO Soul's triumph reverberated across the esports realm, other rising stars illuminated the battlefield with their prowess. Hydra Esports, with commendable consistency, clinched the fifth position, while Team Forever's resilient efforts secured them the sixth spot. WSB Gaming and Team 8Bit, amidst fervent competition, showcased commendable performances, testament to the evolving landscape of BGMI esports.