FlyQuest Acquires Talented Australian CS2 Roster After Previous Organization's Closure


Moin Khot


Mar, 29.2024

FlyQuest has swiftly secured the talents of the esteemed Australian Counter-Strike 2 roster following the closure of their former organization. This acquisition marks a pivotal moment for both FlyQuest and the players, promising new opportunities and challenges on the competitive horizon.

The roster, formerly known as Grayhound, boasts a lineup of formidable players including dexter, Vexite, Liazz, aliStair, and INS. Despite facing recent setbacks with their previous organization, these players bring a wealth of experience and skill to their new home under the FlyQuest banner.

Notably, the core members of the Grayhound roster have been together since September 2022, demonstrating a remarkable level of cohesion and teamwork. Their journey has seen them compete on prestigious stages such as the IEM Rio Major and the Paris Major, showcasing their resilience and determination in the face of fierce competition.

However, the team encountered a significant setback when they failed to qualify for the recent CS2 Major at PGL Copenhagen. This unfortunate turn of events ultimately led to the closure of Grayhound, leaving the players in search of a new opportunity to pursue their passion for competitive gaming.

FlyQuest's decision to embrace the Australian CS2 roster underscores their commitment to fostering talent and expanding their presence in the esports scene. With a strong track record in the LCS and a history of success at international events, FlyQuest offers the players a supportive environment to thrive and excel in their chosen discipline.

The closure of Grayhound, while undoubtedly a disappointment, has paved the way for a new chapter in the players' careers. With FlyQuest's backing, they now have the opportunity to write their own success story and make their mark on the global esports stage.

As FlyQuest continues to invest in talent across multiple esports titles, including women's CS2 and VALORANT, the acquisition of the Australian roster reaffirms their position as a leading organization dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in competitive gaming.

In the ever-evolving landscape of esports, FlyQuest's bold move signals a bright future for both the organization and the newly minted Australian CS2 roster. Together, they are poised to make waves and redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the world of competitive gaming.