Discord Introduces Official VALORANT Profile Cosmetics and Effects to its Store


Moin Khot


Mar, 29.2024

Discord has announced a new collaboration with VALORANT. As a part of this collab, Discord has unveiled a dazzling array of limited-time avatar and profile effects, tailored to celebrate the arrival of Clove, the newest controller agent in VALORANT.

These exclusive cosmetics, exquisitely designed to reflect the essence of VALORANT's beloved characters, are now gracing the upper echelons of the Discord store. However, indulging in these digital luxuries comes at a price. Each captivating avatar decoration demands $15.99, though for the esteemed Nitro subscribers, the cost slightly diminishes to $11.99 per piece.

Among the standout offerings are five animated avatar embellishments, each meticulously crafted to honor characters such as Clove, Omen, Reyna, and Jett. Additionally, there's a striking profile effect inspired by the exhilarating in-game ace moment. Enthusiasts can also explore three distinct profile effects, including two dedicated to Clove, alongside another ace-themed variant.

While these VALORANT-themed adornments undoubtedly add flair to your Discord profile, some may find the price point a tad steep. In comparison to other items in the store, which typically range from $6 to $12 for non-Nitro users, these exclusive offerings come with a premium. Nonetheless, for devoted Nitro subscribers, who already enjoy a curated selection of complimentary effects, the investment might be deemed worthwhile.

The allure of these high-end cosmetics resonates with the fervent spending habits prevalent among VALORANT players. The game's thriving marketplace boasts bundles fetching prices upwards of 10,000 VALORANT points, equivalent to approximately $100. Surpassing mere virtual commodities, these bundles serve as a testament to the community's dedication, with notable sales figures exceeding expectations.

Although the sales performance of these premium bundles remains shrouded in mystery, the resounding success of past initiatives, such as the Champions bundles, provides a promising precedent. The 2023 iteration alone amassed a staggering $40 million in revenue, with proceeds generously supporting esports teams. Such lucrative ventures underscore the symbiotic relationship between the gaming community and content creators.

It's essential to seize the opportunity to elevate your Discord experience with these exclusive VALORANT-themed effects. However, act swiftly, as these tantalizing offerings are only available for a limited time, until May 7. Don't miss your chance to adorn your profile with the essence of VALORANT's dynamic universe and immerse yourself in the thrill of Clove's arrival