Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hardpoint: Picadilly and Azhir Cave explained


Rounak "FL45H666" Roy


Mar, 06.2020

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is receiving updates after updates since the release and it is a good thing. Most updates came out with contents that the community absolutely loved. With a recent update, the classic Hardpoint Multiplayer mode has returned to the game. What is Hardpoint? I have already explained Hardpoint and how it works in a previous article. Click the link below to read it.

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Today, we are going to look at two different Hardpoint. Why? Because not all Hardpoints are the same. Some Hardpoints are unique because of their layout and positioning. These Hardpoints will require operators to get creative with tactics. Here are a few of such Hardpoints.

Azhir Cave

Are you ready for the far-flung hardpoints of Azhir Cave? Try avoiding detection in the tiny Cliff Path hardpoint. Or, advance with caution to the wide-open Soccer Field hardpoint. 

The problem with Azhir Cave is the fact that this is a massive map that contains various levels of engagement. Your next hardpoint could spawn very far away from the last. Consider a Perk like Double Time to help you sprint faster between objectives.


On the Picadilly map, one hardpoint spawns in the narrow route between buses. This cramped space, with uneven sightlines, makes for intense firefights between teams. This space is a great spot for gunfights but at the same time, it requires immense concentration and synergy between teammates.

Another hardpoint appears in the Library. Though the open layout can provide a sight advantage, the Library is filled with entry points. To hold off hostiles from taking the Library, players need to keep an eye on the doorways and reinforce them. Because of so many entry points, it is a tough job to keep control of the Hardpoint.

If you are done collecting intel and thinking of jumping in the Hardpoint battle, here's the last tip for you. The very obvious one - Click here to read the Ways to Occupy Hardpoint.